10/27/2016 Somayeh Taghizadeh and Sunethra Dayavansha participate in UM 3MT

Somayeh Taghizadeh and Sunethra Dayavansha participated in the University of Mississippi 3 Minute Thesis talks.  Somayeh and Somayeh gave condensed talks about their research.  Somayeh works on tissue phantom development and Sunethra works on shear wave studies.

10/14/2016 NCPA 30th Anniversary Open House

The National Center for Physical Acoustics, where our Ultrasonics Laboratory is located, celebrated its 30th anniversay on Friday October 14.  To celebrate this remarkable milestone, an open house was held at NCPA with tours of the lab and acoustic demos.  The Ultrasonics group put on two demos, the flame tube and the acoustic fountain.

Here, Cecille Labuda demonstrates standing waves on a flame tube.


Ukesh Koju demonstrates the acoustic fountain using a high intensity focused ultrasound transducer.

10/10/2016 NCPA 30th anniversary open house upcoming Friday October 14.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the National Center for Physical Acoustics, a luncheon followed by an open house will be held this Friday October 14.  Acoustics demos will be put on by various research groups during the open house.  The Ultrasonics group will put on several demos including the acoustic fountain, Rijke tube and flame tube.  All are invited to attend.  A description of the event can be found here.

09/23/2016 Students give talks in the grad student symposium

Sunethra Dayavansha, Ukesh Koju and Somayeh Taghizadeh gave talks in the PGSA Symposium held in Lewis Hall at the University of Mississippi.  The students reported on their recent research. 

Sunethra discussed shear waves in micellar fluids, Ukesh discussed metamaterials and Somayeh discussed development of brain tissue-mimicking phantoms.  The symposium was organized by the Physics Graduate Student Association.