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11/02 - 11/06/2015 NCPA Physical Ultrasonics at the 170th ASA Meeting.

Sunethra Dayavansha, Ukesh Koju, Nazanin Omidi, Cecille Labuda and Joel Mobley, members of the Ultrasonics research group attended the 170th Acoustical Society of America in Jacksonville Florida.  Joel Mobley chaired the Physical Acoustics Metamaterials I and II sessions.  Ukesh Koju gave a talk "Propagation of pulsed ultrasonics fields in a band gap of a two dimensional phononic crystal" in the Physical Acoustics Metamaterials section.  Sunethra Dayavansha gave a talk "Temperature dependence of shear wave speed in a viscoelastic wormlike micellar fluid" in the Biomedical Acoustics Complex Media section.