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06/12/2015 Connor Tierney and Davis Rogers accepted to medical schools.

Davis Rogers and Connor Tierney, two of our undergraduate students who just completed their honors theses this past semester have been accepted to medical school.  Connor will be attending the University of Mississippi Medical Center while Davis will be attending Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

06/03 - 06/04/2015 Nazanin Omidi and Sunethra Dayavansha to present research at MRBC VIII.

Nazanin Omidi and Sunethra Dayavansha presented their research at the  Mississippi Regional Biophysical Consortium on June 03-04 2015 at the University of Mississippi.  Nazanin Omidi presented a poster titled Computation of Ultrasonic Pressure Fields in Feline Brain and Sunethra Dayavansha gave a talk title Temperature Dependence of Shear Wave Speed in a Viscoelastic Wormlike Micellar Fluid.

05/18 - 05/22/2015 Joel Mobley and Cecille Labuda give talks at ASA 169 in Pittsburgh.

Joel Mobley and Cecille Labuda gave talks at the 169th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.  Joel's talk was Hot Topics in Physical Acoustics and Cecille's talk was Direct Visualization of Shear Waves in Viscoelastic Fluid Using Microspheres.  The talk abstracts are below.


Hot Topics in Physical Acoustics. Joel Mobley

From the astronomical to the molecular, acoustics is central to phenomena across a vast spectrum of length scales. This talk provides an overview of recent developments in physical acoustics across the size continuum, while looking more in depth in three areas. At the larger end of the scale, the generation of the infrasound by cyclonic storms is considered, specifically looking at the infrasonic signatures that can be used to track and characterize these systems. At intermediate length scales, advances in acoustic metamaterial (AM) research are examined. Specific examples will include energy-harvesting metasurfaces and soft matter systems. Moving to the small end of the scale, phoxonic crystals (PxC) are discussed. PxC’s possess both optical and acoustic band gaps and can be used to trap light and sound together, enhancing the strength of acousto-optic interactions.