02/25/2016 Sunethra Dayavansha, Ukesh Koju and Kevin Lin to give talks in the PGSA symposium.

Three of our graduate students will give talks in the University of Mississippi Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA) Symposium to be held this Saturday February 27.  Ukesh is one of the main organizers of the symposium.  The talks are described below.

  • Sunethra Dayansha et al.  Temperature Dependence of Shear Wave Speed in a Viscoelastic Micellar Fluid.
  • Ukesh Koju et al. Propagation of Pulsed Ultrasonic Fields in a Band Gap of a Two Dimensional Phononic Crystal.
  • Kevin Lin et al.  Multimodal Nondestructive Dry Cask Basket Structure and Spent-Fuel Evaluation - Initial Stage Simulation.