About Physical Ultrasonics at the University of Mississippi

The Physical Ultrasonics group (formerly Biomedical Ultrasound) was formed at NCPA in 2002. The primary thrust of the group is the physics of ultrasonically mediated phenomena.  Our physical ultrasonics work includes the fabrication and characterization of phononic metamaterials, study of micellar fluid phase transitions, signal propagation in heterogeneous, dispersive and viscoelastic media, development of tissue-mimicking phantoms and the physics of acoustic cavitation. We have worked with industry and other academics in the past, to better understand the physics of high intensity cavitation of bubbles in a liquid driven by intense acoustic fields.  We have also conducted biomedical studies of the application and associated bioeffects of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and are interested in the bioeffects associated with emerging diagnostic applications of ultrasound, such as radiation-force imaging and elastography. Our work has been funded by the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the National Institutes of Health. The group is led by Joel Mobley with two other PhD level scientists, Charles C. Church and Cecille Labuda.  Currently, we have six graduate students in the group.