The ultrasonics group has a broad array of research interests.  These can be grouped into two categories; physical ultrasonics which is our primary thrust and biomedical ultrasonics.  Our physical ultrasonics research includes wave propagation in ordered and disordered phononic metamaterials, characterization of materials and the study of structured fluids.  Our biomedical ultrasonics work includes ultrasound-induced bioeffects and safety.

Ultrasound Physics

  • non-destructive testing
  • acoustic holography
  • beam profiles
  • acoustic cavitation
  • high intensity ultrasound phenomena

Multi-phase & Structured Media

  • micellar fluids
  • suspensions
  • acoustic metamaterials
  • tissue-mimicking phantoms
  • structural composites

Biomedical Ultrasonics

  • ultrasonic bioeffects
  • phantom development
  • tissue studies
  • high intensity focused ultrasound